Plant Construction Contracts

Some Useful Links to Model Plant Construction Contracts and Recommendations for Drawing Up Contracts

World Bank, Standard Bidding Document for Procurement of Plant Design, Supply and Installation & User’s Guide, 2015;

World Bank, Procurement of Works and User’s Guide, 2015,

UNIDO Model Form of Turnkey Lumpsum Contract for the Construction of a Fertilizer Plant, 1984,

UNIDO Model Form of Semi-Turnkey Contract for the Construction of a Fertilizer Plant, 1985,

UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), General Conditions of Sale and Standard Clauses,

UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), Guide on Drawing Up Contracts for Large Industrial Works, 1973 ;

UN ECE, Guide for Drawing Up International Contracts on Consulting Engineering, 1983, ;

UNCITRAL Legal Guide on Drawing Up International Contracts for the Construction of Industrial Works, 1988 ;

UNCITRAL Uniform Rules on Contract Clauses for an Agreed Sum upon Failure of Performance, 1983 ;

UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts, htt, and :// , and

ICC Force Majeure Clause 2003/ICC Hardship Clause 2003, ;

ICC Uniform Rules for Contract Bonds, Version 1993, ;

For a list of model forms and some information on them see also: ;